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PickUp is a service brought to you by Capex.ai, revolutionizing the world of user acquisition and retention for direct-to-consumer brands.

Since 2019, Capex.ai has been at the forefront of the industry, leveraging our expertise in conversation AI, 3DGC technology, and scenario-based engines to empower our clients.


Capex's Values


We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, striving tirelessly to earn and retain their choice and trust through superior service and solutions.


Once a decision is made, we act swiftly and see it through to completion with a relentless focus on delivering outstanding results.


Our strategies and decisions are grounded in facts and figures, ensuring a rational and effective approach to solving the challenges our customers face.


Capex's Mission

At Capex, we envision a harmonious future where humans and systems coexist and thrive together.

By fostering and nurturing this symbiotic relationship, we aim to expand humanity's capabilities and propel us toward a more efficient and enlightened society.


Shuntaro Kogame

CEO and founder of Capex.ai

Starting his career at Mizuho Bank in 2011, he quickly rose to prominence by winning accolades such as the Rookie of the Year and Mizuho Award for his exemplary work in corporate sales.

In 2014, Shuntaro transitioned to bitFlyer, Japan's largest cryptocurrency exchange and the world's 13th largest, and later served as the Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

In 2019, Shuntaro founded Capex.ai and assumed the role of CEO. Under his visionary leadership, Capex.ai ascended to a leading position in the conversational AI in Japan, excelling in digital marketing user acquisition.

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